Quality Control

The irrigation solenoid and water valve from IrriRich have to go through comprehensive and strict test process including several steps as following during manufacturing to ensure high quality and excellent performance

During the new product design & development procedure stage:

  • R&D Stage—In this step , our engineer will design the drawing based on the customer or the market requirements. And all the drawings will be confirmed and approved by the customers.
  • Sample Stage—We will make the sample and test all the performance include the Electric performance  & Head loss performance & On-off testing & Opening and closing time testing & Pressuring reducing testing and so on..Also we will send the sample and the testing report to the customer.
  • Trial Production Stage—Trial production of small lot size shall be carried out to further verify product processibility and effectiveness of design amendment after prototype production.
  • Documentation Stage—We will design all the documents before the mass production including the SOP & SIP & BOM Form & Control Plan , etc.

During the mass production stage when have the formal order, there are 4 steps to control the quality:

  • IQC—We will inspect all the material and parts from our suppliers based on the GBT 2828.1-2003 Standard.
  • IPQC—Our QC person will inspect the dimensions and performances during the production process in the workshop.
  • FQC—After assembling the solenoids and valves we will perform 100% on-off testing and electric testing.
  • OQC—If the products in the warehouse exceed the specified time we need to make the sampling inspection before shipment.