Project Description

3/2 Way , Latching Solenoid

Model: 3W-9/12(9/30)Vdc-Latch

Voltage: 9-12vdc Or 9-30Vdc

The upper connection can choice the BSP/NPT Type.

Electrical operation by reversing the current, by using transistors or relays

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Download the specification below:

Latch 9-12Vdc:

Model :3W-9/12Vdc-Latch

Latch 9-30Vdc:

Model: 3W-9/30Vdc-Latch

General Description

This series of latching solenoid is used to control the open and close of the various low flow irrigation solenoid valves, and the rated power can be custom-crafted to meet your specific requirements. When matching the irrigation controller, it can achieve the automatic control of the waterworks system with timing and rationing. The Latching type solenoid keeps the magnetic force with no electric power once the pulse triggers it, thus have the distinct effects of saving water and energy. This series of solenoids is suitable for application in the waterworks with the system pressure of not higher than 1.2Mpa, such like: the gardening irrigation or agriculture irrigation, the waterworks measuring system etc.
The two wire operator consists of one coil with exit of two lead wires. Electrical operation by reversing the current, by using transistors or relays.Wet metal parts are made of passivated stainless steel. for maximum corrosion protection.

  • Electromagnet coils for other voltages are available.
  • Available with brass adapter upon request.
  • The three wire operator consists of one coil and integrated electrical circuit..