Irrigation Solenoids

This series of solenoid is used to control the open and close of the various low flow irrigation solenoid valves, and the rated power can be custom-crafted to meet your specific requirements. When assembled with the irrigation controller, it can achieve the automatic control of the waterworks system with timing and rationing. The Latching tybe solenoid keeps the magnetic force with no electric power once the pulse triggers it, thus have the waterworks with the system pressure of not higher than l.2Mpa, such like: the gardening irrigation or agriculture irrigation, the waterworks measuring system etc.

Regular Model:

  • Solenoids for other voltages are available, Including 12vdc, 24vdc, 24vac,110vac,220vac, etc
  • Low holding current. It is very helpful for saving energy.
  • Available with plastic/brass adapter upon request
  • Custom-designed or special connector plugs is also available. 

Latching Solenoid:

  • Requires low operating voltage.
  • Requires very short pulse for activation
  • Applicable with solar- charged, battery-powered controllers.
  • Applicable with remote wireless control system
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2 Way Plastic Solenoid

Operator TypeWires ColorModel NumberFrequeneyCurrent ( A )
2w N,C 12VDCBlack / BlackS391D1GXW 12VDC 0.280.28
2w N,C 24VDCRed / RedS391D1GXW 24VDC 0.120.12
2w N,C 24VACBlack / BlackS391A1GXW 24VAC 50Hz / 60Hz0.250.18
2w N,C 110VACRed / RedS391A1GXW 110VAC 50Hz / 60Hz0.100.60
2w N,C 220VACRed / RedS391A1GXW 220VAC 50Hz / 60Hz0.0540.035
  • 2 way Solenoid
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2 Way Low Power Solenoid

Operator TypeWires ColorModel NumberFrequeneyCurrent ( A )
2w N.C 24VACRed / RedS392A1HXW 24VAC 50 Hz0.250.11
60 Hz0.220.095
2w N.C 12VDCBlue / BlueS392D1HXW 12VDC 0.280.28
2w N.C 24VDCBlack / BlackS392D1HXW 24VDC 0.120.12
  • Solenoid Valve Coil
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2 Way Latching Solenoid

Operator TypeWires ColorModel NumberFrequeneyCoil Resistance
2w 4-9 VDCRed / BlackS392C1HXW 4-9VDC50 Hz / 60 Hz6 Ω
2w 6-40 VDCRed / BlackS392C1HXW 6-40VDC50 Hz / 60 Hz6 Ω
2w 9-30 VDCRed / BlackS392C1HXW 9-30VDC50 Hz / 60 Hz9 Ω
  • 2 Way Latch Solenoid
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3 Way Solenoid

Operator TypeWires ColorModel NumberFrequeneyCurrent ( A )
3w N.O 24VACRed / Brown3W-D-NO-24VAC50 Hz0.150.15
60 Hz0.140.14
3w N.C 24VACRed / Blue3W-D-NC-24VAC 50Hz0.170.17
60 Hz0.160.16
3w R-N.O 24VACRed / Red3W-R-NO-24VAC50Hz0.50.25
3w N.O 12VDCBlue / Blue3W-D-NO-12VDC0.280.28
3w N.O 24VDCBlack / Black3W-D-NO-24VDC0.120.12
  • Solenoid Valve Coil
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3 Way Latching Solenoid

Operator TypeWiresWires ColorModel NumberCoil Resistance
3w Latch 9-12 VDC2Red / Black3W-9/12VDC-LATCH5.2 Ω
3w Latch 9-30 VDC2Red / Black3W-9/30VDC-LATCH9 Ω
3w Latch 9-30 VDC3Red / Black / White3W-9/30VDC-LATCH-39 Ω
  • Latching Solenoid
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