Main irrigation methods for vineyards

Grapes have a relatively high drought tolerance, and is generally most suitable to areas with an annual rainfall of 600-800 mm. In these areas, as long as moisture conservation is done properly, a good amount of grapes can be produced even without irrigating them the entire year. In grapes moisture management, there are three critical [...]

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Intelligent Sprinkler Control System

Benefits Of Intelligent Sprinkler Control System The intelligent sprinkler control system is a system designed and developed to reduce the amount of irrigation water used and to achieve smart and intelligent control in agriculture. The intelligent sprinkler control system is controlled using programmable controllers, and combines microcomputing technology with traditional relay and contactor control technology. [...]

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Technical Introduction to Fertigation

Brief Introduction of Fertigation Fertigation is a new agricultural technology that combines irrigation and fertilization. Fertigation technology uses a pressure system (or a height difference in the terrain), to combine soluble solid or liquid fertilizers with irrigation water, according to the soil nutrient content and the nutritional needs of the crop, and through the help of a [...]

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Drip Irrigation System Maintenance

Here is some tips for maintenance the drip irrigation system at the en of each irrigation season : 1) Washing the entire drip irrigation system with high pressure: Open a number of valves of the rotational flow group (less than the number of valves used in regular rotational flow), open the pump, open the plugs [...]

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Operating principle and common malfunctions analysis of solenoid valves

1) Operating Principle of solenoid valves Currently, most of the solenoid valves used in the fields of agriculture and landscaping are diaphragm valves. The diaphragm valve consists of an upper chamber, a lower chamber and a diaphragm in between them. Due to a difference in thrust surface area on the two sides of the diaphragm, [...]

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How to Install Irrigation Solenoid Valve

Irrigation Solenoid valve or just “solenoids”—are the primary instrument of control for today's automated irrigation systems. Solenoids direct water flow by opening or closing according to an electrical signal issued by the control system.  Most solenoids automatically default to the closed position and remain so when the electrical circuit is shorted, and then open when [...]

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Solenoid Valves: Increase Efficiency And Economy For Irrigation Systems

In agriculture, the economics of water supply-and-demand is driving the development of water conservation controls in irrigation systems. Across the entire world these pressures have made the improvement of the lowly hydraulic valve a key cost-saving concern. Here, we present the types of valves most often used when building irrigation systems, and briefly touch on [...]

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Rodent Menace Bit The Valves In The Agriculture System

There is a saying that “By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation”. This is the power of rats and their family of rodents. With rodent population growing 10X faster than humans, the riot caused by them is also escalating at an equal pace. Polymer products are particularly affected since they [...]

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Anti-Freeze Protection For The Irrigation Systems

Anti-freeze protection of the irrigation systems is actually to discharge the water from the pipes, solenoid valves and sprinklers before they are frozen. The anti-freeze measurements are different under different climates, but generally there are below 4 kinds of measurements: 1、manual discharge measurement, discharge the water from the system 2、automatic discharge measurement, discharge the water [...]

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